You're not my mom!!

We were at a life learning/unschooling conference this weekend (more on that later perhaps). The kids and I used the washroom in the hotel just before leaving, washed our hands and then I stepped around the corner to pick up our bags to leave. I come back and there is LB standing by the sink with her arms around someone’s legs. Black pants like mine. The woman was even wearing a pink shirt as was I (though they were in no other way similar). LB sees me coming around the corner and a look comes across her face or perhaps more of an energy as she slowly looks up to the woman whose legs she is holding onto and then back to me.

I feel so bad that I laugh about this as I imagine it was quite the shock for her but oh at a time when I am feeling quite overwhelmed and upset it has given me many a laugh. The woman was very good about it and noticed but didn’t want to say anything to upset LB. As we were leaving the washroom LB just kept looking at this woman – I can only imagine what was going through her head.


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