Who's connected to who?

I tend to be someone that can get my ‘mords wixed’. This is something I see in PM as well. Though this happened a while ago it is the perfect example. He comes running downstairs saying ‘I got my pair a self of pants!’ Well I sure understood what he was talking about.

One thing he says on a regular basis that is a bit mixed is ‘make suring’ (instead of making sure). I always think it’s cute to hear.

Interesting that last night I was writing about his Lego and thinking of a particular set. Lately this set hasn’t had much play time. Sure enough this morning just after breakfast he takes all the pieces and guys and trucks out. He gets out the instructions, takes apart the more self-created versions and then rebuilds them all according to the written pictures and instructions. Then he goes along to another set to make another truck (a crane) according to instructions. For this one he has everything set up to be just like it (‘No mom that’s not how it goes. See it is supposed to be this long – 7 holes’ as he counts while looking carefully at the picture.)

So what? Did he read what I wrote last night? Was he tapped into me when I was writing it even though he was asleep? Is he ever not ‘tapped into me’?

I think of course the last is more accurate. I don’t know how many times I may have a fleeting thought to hear PM putting it into words. Now why did he start on this now? Then again maybe it is me tapping into his thoughts?

This is something that Thomas seems to find somewhat frustrating. He will mention something or other and I will say I was just thinking or wondering about it. I tend to think of it as us being in tune with each other. Perhaps I am tuned into him and go the same direction as him. Perhaps he is tuned into me and will mention something just after I think it. I think for Thomas though, it is more frustrating in that he wonders if this is just an automatic response for me.

Similar to the Lego playing episode would be the following. I am often looking around trying to find more things we can get rid of. In many ways it feels like we are being taken over by toys. I go through them and have a hard time finding things that aren’t played with. Just the other day I was looking at one item and thinking that it was a great wooden toy. Something I thought was pretty neat but it wasn’t really getting playtime. Would I consider getting rid of it? Within a day PM has moved it to a new spot and been fidgeting with it, asking me questions and bringing me into play with the clock. So here we go again. Something I wonder about then gets taken out and used in a special way. Enough to keep me being a packrat…


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