Wal-Mart goes organic

I’m guessing there are many out there that feel that Wal-Mart choosing to supply more organic products is a big step in the right direction. I’m not so sure I agree.

What about the quality that we hope for with organic food. Wal-Mart doesn’t strike me as the kind of company that is concerned about quality. They care about cutting costs wherever possible. Somehow this mentality doesn’t fit in with what is required these days to offer healthy, organic, cared-for food. What about the small farmers? They can try and create enough of one product to be able to supply all the similar stores in the area or they can continue to do their best, live within their values and get their food out the best they can.

It’s no secret I have a resistance to this kind of store. Heck I still have a gift card for Wal-Mart that I got as a gift for Christmas that remains unused. Realistically we are not in a position to be picky about where our products come from but I am. I care about the farmers. I care about the quality. I care about the people that I meet and get to know that are doing their best. And in that vein I can’t say what’s right for another person. All I can say is I feel uncomfortable about this advancement. Just another sign of the times?!?


HeatherT said…
Hi Shera, I share your discomfort about WalMart going organic. On the one hand, it seems like more farms would start to become organic. On the other hand, it's hard to imagine that the conventional farms today could ever produce organic food for the price or masses that WalMart demands.

It usually takes time to become certified as an organic farm, so it's tough to imagine that corners won't be cut -- or lobbying for lower standards won't happen.

Like you, I love to support local farmers. I just started a CSA (share) program with a local organic farm. I get to pick up my basket of fresh produce each week -- never sure exactly what will be in my basket. And while there, I get to pick my own flowers from their big flower garden -- sunflowers, etc.

I'm so excited about this. It makes me feel more connected to the Earth. I'll meet the owners, their staff, the other customers, pick flowers and feel gratitude that people care enough about the land & our health to offer this food.

We all might want to keep our eyes out for WalMart, huh?

With love,
Lovingheart said…
I think CSA's are great. A local farm that I go to twice a week has a CSA and I have yet to sign up but I'm always buying produce there anyway.

I was getting a produce box for a while and I loved seeing all the wonderful goodies in the box.

This time of year is so exciting with all the fresh and local produce making it to the stands. A definite appreciation for the colour green in the fields and the farmers that I have met that care about their farm and their customers.

Anonymous said…
"Walmart" and "organic" in the same sentence... It just doesn't seem right. Considering their track record on other issues, we'll have to see if they are really committed to organic, or just finding yet another way to drive smaller (local) business out of business...

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