Thomas celebrates a birthday

Yesterday Thomas celebrated his 65th birthday – or perhaps I should say the kids celebrated for him. PM has been very into birthdays this year. Of course the year started off with his sister’s birthday on January 2nd. For the next two months he was preparing for his own. On a regular basis he would get some boxes, fill them up with toys or objects, tape up the boxes, and write names on them. Then we would be invited to a b-day party where he would prepare a meal with cake (with the birthday song) and then the opening of the gifts. Alternatively he would bring the boxes to T’s office where he and LB would open their boxes.

For LB’s birthday we made party hats. PM didn’t have any for his but there were so many other things he didn’t miss them. For Thomas’ birthday they made party hats, PM wrote a birthday banner and made sure his dad was celebrated and the center of his attention. As T put it – he thinks PM enjoyed his birthday more than he did. Well I think they all liked the homemade pumpkin pie.


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