Sensitive kids and toddler talk

PM can get so enthusiastic that he will start hitting LB. For the most part she takes it pretty calmly but it can also hurt her. For instance the other day when he started pounding (slapping) her back when she didn’t have a top on. It is a sort of excitement, enthusiasm, charge of energy I think, that has PM act like this but I am trying to work with him to channel the energy differently. Today in the car I suggested (with actions and got a laugh out of the kids) that he slap his legs, that he bonk himself on the head, that he start banging on the seat, that he clap his hands loudly together. I trust that he will be able to act differently when this feeling overtakes him. Heck if nothing else I have told him to hit me rather than his sister.

I am often impressed at how sensitive he can be. He wants to be close and he is aware of things to do to help his sister or me. He is a 5-year-old and thus can be loud and boisterous and aggressive but he also has the other side. I need to be able to remember the calm, loving side when he acts in such a way as to ruffle things up and has his sister in tears. She is realizing that crying or complaining loudly gets better results than little or no reaction. She knows I will take her side as much as I try to stay out of it. I often end up being referee and he doesn’t always get treated as well as he could which isn’t fair – no matter how much he is the one that would seem to be at ‘fault’. That just breeds competition or sibling rivalry and I don’t need more of that. For the most part they get well and I don’t want bring in a lot more negative emotions towards each other.

I get a kick out of LB’s words. In many ways her talk is quite ‘sophisticated’ and in other ways it sounds just like baby talk (surprise, surprise for a 2 yr old). If she takes her top off or exposes herself she will say ‘I boobies ah da babies’. I believe this translates to ‘My boobies for the babies’. She is often seen walking around with one baby ‘in the bag’ with the other one inside her top, having some booby.

We have many ‘bwahgs’ in the pond. She will take me by the hand and lead me around the pond and to look at the frogs sitting on the rocks sunning themselves.

I will take a sniff of flowers around and so they will too – ‘I meh-w da fwowa’.

Often the question from her ‘What’s this?’ does not literally mean that she is asking what this item is but is her asking what colour it is. Generally she can tell you herself but does like to quiz you on the colour of items. I wonder if she is as sensitive to colours as I am. They are very important to me and I am quite particular about colours I like and ones I’m not so fond of. For now though she seems to like most colours but orange and yellow have perhaps a bit more importance. We’ll see how that plays out. PM insists he really likes black. That and orange seem to be his favourites. Sometimes I wonder if he is so into black to balance Thomas and I out since we are not big into black (understatement for Thomas).


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