An attempt to be 'handy'

I’ve been saying for over a year now that I need to get blinds for the bedroom. The time change means the kids are going to bed when it’s still light out. Thanks to the help of two of my sisters and mother I finally have the material ready to get some blinds set up.

Of course this sits around here for weeks before I finally get around to putting up the brackets for the blinds (this is after being told repeatedly by Olivia that doing blinds yourself is quick and easy). I tell Thomas that I am going to take the drill upstairs to get the brackets in. I can see the look going across his face – can’t quite translate it but something like ‘what is she trying to do now?’. Armed with brackets, drill, screws, screwdriver, pencil, and measuring tape I head upstairs with my trusted assistants helping to carry the tools. While they enjoy jumping around on the bed and handing me bits ever so often (with PM’s help to explain the drill to me) I manage to the holes put in (twice for one as the first wasn’t in line) and then start screwing in the screws. As I am starting out I notice they seem to be very long screws.

I struggle but persist as it gets pretty challenging to turn the screws. Next thing I know the screw has twisted in half. No I haven’t been tightening the screw but just twisting it on itself. Ha! Easy indeed. Now I have the task (after getting PM to find me the pliers) of extricating the screw from the wall. No easy task. After working up a sweat and getting the half screw out of the wall I give up. My assistants and I trudge downstairs with all our tools and I decide that maybe I should just stay in the kitchen. Seems so stereotypical but I can fend for myself in the kitchen but am not a handyman (handy-person?) by any stretch of the imagination. That’s another area where Thomas continues to amaze – he can do anything it would seem and do it well and quick.

My blinds sit around and wait for me to get inspired again or ask Thomas to please help me out here and do it for me. While I laugh at this silly situation it also just adds to my feeling depressed as it’s another area in which I feel hopeless. Somehow, somewhere I will find something that I am good at that comes without strings…


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