Animated discussions and bikes

I get a kick out of LB’s very animated discussions.

I was just listening to her going on and on with very excited inflections, the laughing, the oh’s and ah’s and telling some long story. Though I couldn’t see her I could picture the physicals that go along with it. The animated face, the arms which are gesturing every which way.

This morning during breakfast she all of a sudden started telling us some long story. I try very hard to understand what she is saying and catch words here and there: daddy, downstairs, computer, kitchen… I gather it was a playback of typical mornings in the house here.

What is cute is when she starts into one of these stories on the phone. The arm gestures, the laughs, the talking and all. I’m sure the other person on the end of the phone (the last was Oma) has no idea what she’s talking about and is missing all the gestures the physicals that go along with it. I guess that’s how it goes with phone calls though. We learn that we have to speak rather than showing examples of the topic at hand…

It’s been almost a year that PM has been riding his bike and I still get a kick out of it. When he started I was excited and felt a special feeling that this little boy was zooming around on his bike. I still feel it as I see his increased mobility and how he will zip here and there. He still hasn’t figured out the brakes but I’m sure that will come in time. I wonder if it was confusing that his first bike didn’t have brakes and now he can’t quite figure out how to pedal backwards to use the brakes. By the time he gets used to it he will just have to switch again as he goes to a hand-operated brake system.

It takes him a while to adjust to change and he really likes to keep things the same as much as possible. If something happens one way then he likes to keep it that way. As Thomas pointed out a while back it is good to do things with him the first time (this particular example was putting together a Lego set) so that he gets it ‘right’ and he will stick with it. Though of course with this particular example (Lego) there is not really a right and creativity wins out a lot but he does like to follow the instructions and pictures.


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