What is she doing now?

I had a good laugh the other day (ok I often get some kind of a laugh from something the kids do!). LB was doing something in the kitchen – actually she was playing with the toaster oven. Next thing I know she comes to me telling me she must go outside now. I have seen that determination before and knew there was no sense in trying to dissuade her. So I helped her on with her jacket and boots, opened the door for her and helped her down the stairs. Then I went back inside. She looked back at me and moved further out of my view. What was she up to? I pretended to move away but watch as she reaches into her pocket and pulls out the car keys. Ah-ha that’s what all the secrecy is about. Now what to do? I don’t want to go outside with her and have no intentions of going for a car drive. We also don’t allow the kids to play in the front seat of the car (T feels there are too many little things that, if broken, can require expensive repairs – I’ve already experienced that). I go and laughingly tell the story to T and PM is there. I wonder how I will get LB inside now without a fight. He takes off and runs outside telling LB that we aren’t going in the car now. He gets her interest in looking at a few things outside and then tells her it’s time to go inside. Works like a charm. Wow – thanks PM.

We have noticed he is becoming more accommodating to his sister. Nice to see. Of course there are still many times that he will do something to antagonize her but it is much better. It really is delightful when they play along together. I am very grateful that they both like each other. I know she absolutely adores her brother and he is very protective of her. The other day he was hugging her and said ‘I love you!’. Simple but a special thing to hear.


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