Mo boo-beh-wies peas!

We were driving home from the market this afternoon and LB calls out from the back ‘I want booby’. I tell her to wait until we get home. I stop off to pick up some frozen blueberries. Booby is all but forgotten. ‘Boo-beh-wies! I want boo-beh-wies!’ I tell them they have to wait until we get home. Eating blueberries in the car would make a big blue and purple mess and T would likely disown us and never let us in the car again.

They sure enjoyed those blueberries. ‘Mo boo-beh-wies, Mommy!’ Licked up every last purple bit from the bowl. Then they were fighting over who gets to lick the last purple dregs from T’s bowl.

LB seems to be quite thrilled with colours and numbers. She will be reading a book and naming different colours on the page. She was doing a wooden puzzle with different coloured shapes. Then she takes the pieces and names the colours and lays them in a line. Then she lays them out and counts them. I had been wondering how much she understands about numbers but apparently she does quite a bit. She counted out 9 puzzle pieces and can continue counting higher. I suppose it helps that PM is into numbers and will counts many things that come across his path in a day.

I can really appreciate how PM likes to keep his ‘guys’ neat and tidy. They each have their place and most have their own special truck to drive. The end of the day and they are standing in their spot with some guys ready for more action in the fire truck. There are those that are not the characters of the day that are in a pile with other trucks and Lego pieces on the shelf but they don’t get thrown around. I really could learn a thing or two from PM and his father. Then again he can also leave some good messes at the end of the day though nothing compared to his sister. I trust she’ll get there as well…


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