Intuitive phone calls

Today as I was preparing dinner in the kitchen, I thought of a friend, went to the phone and started dialing. Half way through the number (long distance as most of my phone calls are) I sort of paused and questioned whether I was calling who I thought I was. Yes it was the right number.

That’s how it often is for phone calls I make. I think the person’s name, go the phone and start dialing their number. Not thinking about the number or looking it up. I ‘do’ phone numbers. A while back it happened that I thought of a friend, went to the phone and stood there blank. I tried to recall her number but it wasn’t there. I had to go look it up. Unusual yet in a case like that I would take it to mean that it is not the ‘right’ time to call this person. I may dial the number and hit the wrong key or get a busy signal or something happens that has me realize that if the person does answer the phone it will not be a good time for them. Or likely I will get the answering machine or something of that sort.

A few weeks ago I was driving in Toronto. I saw a delivery truck, noticed the logo, then spoke the name of the company and rhymed off the phone number. As the truck came closer sure enough it was the right number. This is from a company that I called occasionally for my place of employment back about 15 years ago. I realized that if only I could remember people’s names and faces this well I would be much better off. You can write down someone’s phone number but not easily their appearance (though it is a definite convenience not to have to look up phone numbers all the time). I can have a conversation with someone and then the next time I see them am unlikely to remember their name and may not even recognize them (especially if they change their hair or something about their appearance). If I hear their voice I may recognize them. I guess we all have our strengths. I can appreciate the ones I have and work on enhancing other ones – like perception and remembering names…


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