Supporting local farms

Recently heard from someone that an organic farmer she visits was telling her that the larger grocery stores won’t take his produce – he doesn’t produce enough to supply the whole region so they will buy from someone that can. Ugh! Thus it is the large guys that have the control again.

I have written before about my opinion of health food stores vs. grocery stores. For whatever reason I am back on my soapbox again. The above person and I were exchanging emails and she is thrilled that she is supporting a local farmer and getting some products for cheaper than she would in the store – freshness, contact with the person involved in getting the product to you, supporting small farms, visits with animals involved in bringing you the food (be it dairy, eggs or meat and heck even fertilization of produce) and of course saving money.

How can it be changed to be more supportive to smaller farms? Well realistically we can only do our part. I like to buy directly from the farmer whenever possible. If not (and yes I have a preference for fresh greens in the winter time so my food travels many miles to get to me) I buy organic and from a smaller farm that buys produce in bulk or from the health food store.

I understand that prices from farmers or health food stores can be higher than the grocery store. I feel that paying the price now will perhaps benefit us more in the future. I feel that in many ways the larger corporations are already controlling so much of what is available to us and if possible would like to help out the smaller ones. They are those that care more for the customer, for their land and for the product they sell. They are the ones that I develop relationships with and we share our respect for the earth and for each other.


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