Daddy-oes and food stuff

A relatively common sight around here these days is LB sitting on the floor inspecting her toes saying ‘I daddy-oes, I daddy-oes urt’. She has what looks like a blister between her big toe and the second toe. I think it is PM that coined the big toe as the daddy toe.

I can’t get too close to her toe, and any offer to put anything on it is met with a negative. One time I did offer a band aid (she’s more intrigued with them after I was wearing one on my thumb for many days) and she accepted. It only lasted a few minutes on her foot before she peeled it off. So we just listen to her talk of ‘daddy-oes’ and trust that it is healing well.

I was laughing this morning as the kids were fighting over the last green muffin. Here we have green muffins or black muffins. And no they aren’t green because of mold. How would that sound to an outsider? Both of these different muffins are free of grain flour and are relatively unsweetened.

We ration out fish oils while many others struggle to get any into their children. I try to limit the intake of sea vegetables after they come back for seconds and thirds and fourths. LB will be at the fridge wanting some more cod liver oil. Each will try to outdo the other to eat up all the vegetables (occasionally).

Now this isn’t to say we have the perfect diet and our kids never eat sweets or anything unhealthy but I suppose we do pretty good for the most part. I’m sure that someday PM will learn that most people don’t consider soda to be ‘poison’ but for now if he sees a bottle or can of pop he will announce with glee that it is poison. I feel concern for my children’s relationship with sugar as I know I am a sugar addict. What I do though is model as best I can and avoid all sweeteners myself, allow them occasional sweetened treats and otherwise have naturally sweetened treats available.

I can trust that someday I will be free of all issues surrounding food but for now I pray that I don’t damage my children too badly and that we maintain some semblance of mental, emotional and physical health. All are important and I know that a focus strictly on the physical is quite empty and unfulfilling. Life really is a learning journey where the lessons are constant as long as we are willing and open.


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