Chopper's back!

PM’s ‘guys’ are pretty important to him. He has various ones – mostly Lego guys and a couple from a truck he got a few years ago. When they come into the house they get names – partially so that he can talk to me about them and to assist in finding them – he can tell me that he can’t find ‘so-and-so’ and I know who/what I’m looking for.

The day after PM’s birthday party he noticed that Chopper (a Playmobile construction worker) was missing – his hat was here but he wasn’t. We/I looked high and low. Any spot I thought of that he may have been hiding was scoured. It felt like it was constantly there in me and I was often looking for him throughout the day whether I was in the kitchen, in the bedroom, or any other room. I am like that – if I can’t find something it will be front and center until I find it (however I just noticed an exception about this today – more on that in a minute).

The loss of Chopper was even more pronounced because I had bought him a new construction worker (now named ‘Doe-doe’) for his birthday with signs and gates and more tools and the two guys would work well together. So we’ve started saying that Chopper is on holiday and will come back soon.

This afternoon (almost a week after the party) PM was opening up the play piggy bank and there inside were Bernie (another Playmobile character) and Chopper. He was laughing and excited. Chopper was back from holidays.

I realize how that happened. At the party there was a little girl (close to 1.5 yrs) that was playing with putting things in and out of the piggy bank. I just kind of noticed her playing with it but didn’t pay any attention. I guess she realized they fit quite nicely in there.

It reminds me of PM’s ‘Spat’ from a few years ago. A spatula he had everywhere he crawled. Spat was with him most of the time. One day Spat disappeared and was gone for weeks until one day I found the spatula in a drawer that I guess PM had put it in. I still wonder what happened to particular spoon that went missing around the same time. That age – around 1.5, is one where they like to put things here and there and experiment with fitting things together and objects can mysteriously disappear.

'Twas good for a laugh.

Now I said that I am aware of a missing object and constantly looking for it. Well for almost a week we have been looking for the yellow scissors as well. I have looked high and low – in drawers and wherever I could think of. Today as I was getting a spatula out of the utensil drawer (ya know one that I go in many times a day), LB started getting very excited and wanting to get in the drawer. Open it up and sure enough the scissors are there! In the drawer right next to the one they belong in and likely I have ‘seen’ them (without seeing them) daily for almost a week. So I may feel like I am constantly looking but that doesn’t mean I am seeing.

I have been noticing examples of this lately where I can see something daily but not really know anything about it. The kids each have bowls that are different. I always noticed the inside of the bowl and the different designs but haven’t seen that the rim was different on them as well (and once I see the difference it is quite distinct). PM also has the tendency not to see that which he is looking right at and while it may be frustrating for me to observe in him I guess I just have to look at myself to see where this comes from.


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