Canning food

Whenever I break the seal of a jar of something I canned I feel a thrill that this is something I put my time and effort into and that I did it.

Last summer was my first time experimenting with canning and for the most part it was a great success (except for the pumpkin). The tree on the property was overflowing with apples and I made a lot of applesauce. A lot! Still have jars of it in the basement but that is ok because it keeps, it is a popular item, and friends like it as well. I also made apple butter – the whole fruit, no sugar added and this is good in our fudge and baking.

I am getting low on the tomato sauce that I canned and feel a sadness that it is almost gone. I have appreciated having it to cook with. I noticed the sweetness it added to the mixed veggies this evening. Though I have store bought pasta sauce as well, and it is one I like quite a bit, it doesn’t seem to compare to the stuff I made.

Seems there will be a lag time between using up last year’s canning supplies and this year’s fresh produce. I am so looking forward to having fresh lettuce and foods out of the garden. It is exciting to think that Thomas has already started planting produce that will be dug into the garden in a couple of months or less. I find summer a wonderful time as I enjoy the heat and get excited with all the fresh, alive food that is available from our garden and from local farms. Another season is approaching with more experimentation with canning and drying and freezing and of course best of all is the food fresh from the fields to the table! Come on summer!


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