Toe Jam revisited and words

I had a good laugh today. The kids and I were hanging out on the floor doing some stretches together. I took off my socks and LB literally pounces on my foot and starts inspecting for toe jam. Each toe was carefully inspected and when she came up empty handed she looked over her own toes again. So cute.

The other day I was commenting to LB that I could find any pants for her: “You have tops coming out of your ears and no pants!” She gave me a confused look and touched her ears. I laughed because I was just thinking of the expression but not at the actual words that are used.

Speaking of words I have noticed that PM gets his ‘mords wixed’ as much as his mother. There was a great one a while ago which I wrote down – now if only I could find the paper I wrote it on. Something like: “I got my pants a pair of self”. Perhaps it is not thinking about what I’m saying but just talking for the sake of talking that has me speak nonsense with words mixed all over. Maybe I’ll learn to think before I talk or stop talking just for the sake of saying something (then again most of what I say is important to me as I imagine it is to most people).

Blah, blah, blah…


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