Perception of my kids

I will sometimes look at PM and think how cute he is. I also sometimes wonder how others view him. I know we all see people differently. I’ve seen other moms looking at their children with an appreciation and love I understand. Part of that look says “isn’t he the cutest, most gorgeous being on this earth!”. Not everyone would agree with the mom. Others will see the child as an outsider and more likely see imperfections
as well as the beauty.

So I wonder how it would feel to view my kids as an outsider. Seeing my child through the veil of motherhood is interesting because even when I am mad or upset about something he has done, and having a hard time remembering my love for him, I can still look at him and see a cute kid. I wonder if it’s because he is a part of me but I can look at myself and not like my looks at all. Then again I guess the perception of self is off as well.

My perception of the two kids is also different. PM has always been beautiful in my eyes. With LB it is one of those cases where she is looking cuter as she gets older.

Another example of how our perception of things is a very individual experience.


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