Organic vs. Commercial

Organic is sort of a way of life here. I take it for granted that every Wednesday we will drive to the organic farmer’s market and stock up on produce for the week. Also on Saturdays we will go the Guelph farmer’s market and then the health food store to pick up anything else we need. Part of the routine.

Now what isn’t built into the week is the grocery store. It is an extra stop and something I need to fit in on another outing. Lately however I’ve wanted to fit it in on a weekly basis and that isn’t always convenient or easy. Why weekly? Because I have been buying commercial avocados.

To me this seems so ironic. Organic is there and convenient and I have to go out of my way to buy commercial and on top of that I’m paying more for commercial! Yes, the regular avocadoes at the grocery store are more than the organic I can buy. So why do I buy commercial? Too many bad experiences with the organic ones. They don’t ripen properly – they turn brown, too many spots, the flavour isn’t right. It just doesn’t work out.

This week I bought organic again so I will try it out. Ever so often I will get organic ones to see if this batch will be different. Someday the organic quality will be there as well. Then again maybe I should stay away from avocados and pineapples (another product that I have had little success when buying organic) and eat more locally.


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