Learning Styles and Music

I find it interesting to observe the natural differences between the children. One very obvious way their learning styles come out is when they are listening to music.

With new music Paco will get very quiet, stay almost still and listen very intently to the words. Put on a cd and Linsy will dance. They both like to stand close to the CD player but one is still and the other is constantly moving and experimenting with movements. Music is important to both of them in their own ways.

Paco is a talker and can carry on a constant stream of talk about this or that and so it is surprising for him to be quiet. But he takes in a lot via auditory channels. Linsy moves and experiences in a different way. Not sure yet but I would put her more as kinesthetic. I think they both also have visual to them (perhaps thus the need to be close to the source of the music).

I enjoy the observation of these differences between kids and situations. We are all so different (but let us remember we are all connected).


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