Communication and a 2-year old

LB is at the age where her vocabulary is growing in leaps and bounds. Her use of words is becoming more creative as well. Precocious? Perhaps.

Today she came into the kitchen carrying the book box and looking inside. I asked her if she wanted me to clean it out and she did. Then I asked her ‘What happened to all the books?’ She looks at me and responds ‘Oh, All over the place.’ Yup. What can I say to that? The longer sentences and the stringing along of the words.

Empathy is very important to LB. If she falls or hurts herself she needs me to say what I believe happened and she will validate it. ‘Oh you feel and banged your cheek on the table’. ‘Ya, eek, table, ow’ ‘That really hurt did it?’ ‘Ya!’ Kisses are also required to the injured area. A whole process that is required before she is ready to move on.

If PM has upset her she is also quick to tell me what he did wrong and how he hurt her. I try to be careful not to take sides in a situation like this as I don’t want to foster the ‘tattle-tale’ in her and I could see that happening. Unfortunately there are times where I will ask him to change his course. ‘Please stop playing with her hair – she’s saying she doesn’t like it.’ ‘Get your hands off her bum!’ ‘You know she doesn’t like you holding on to her. She’s saying she wants you to let go.’ So I definitely do interfere more than I would like however I guess in some ways I am interpreting what she is saying to him. Thing is – he already knows what she’s saying and what she does and does not like. It’s a hard call to make sure I let them fight their own battles but also be there as a buffer for uncomfortable situations.

And if she is mad – look out! We will hear all about it. She goes on in great detail about what is wrong, who wronged her, what she wants or whatever the story is. Honestly speaking I understand only a word or two from the whole tirade. She is rather expressive with hand movements and exclamations. Even though it is frustrating for all when she is having a temper tantrum sometimes I just smile at this little being as she makes her way in the world of communication.


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